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Experience the exitement, the drama, and the realism in youre own private cinema. The curtains are drawn, the screen comes down, lights dim, and the sound fills the room. You wait in anticipation for the show to begin. Immerse youreself in state of the art digital surround sound, front or rear projection, high definition big screen, and custom seating in youre own home. Enjoy the latest audio and video technology brought to you by Model Home Furniture.

Tab Tension Screen

Tripod Screen

Floor Screen

Electric Screen

Fixed Screen

Manual Screen

Model Home furniture offers you a large variety of todays home theatre projectors, from HD, DLP and LCD. We will help you select the right equipment to better fit your expections, and give you the best picture, and sound possible at an affordable cost. 

Matinee Collection

Studio Collection

Showtime Collection

Cinema Collection

Directors Collection

Individual Showtime Collection

Set the mood, customize youre home theatre with realistic cinema curtains. Only available at Model Home Furniture.

Now for the finishing touch -- a full sized popcorn cart that makes delicious, old fashioned, movie house popcorn. The design is nostalgic, but the features are very modern. Tempered glass window. Large stainless steel kettle with built in stirring system. Warming light. Kernel catcher. Supplies compartment. Safety Electrics, and easy to clean design. Popcorn never tasted so good at home. Makes up to 2 Gallons of popcorn per batch. Storage compartment in base of unit. Full Size working cart. Commercial Use APPROVED!

Enjoy the ambience of the past! Now you can have fresh, hot, tasty popcorn while watching movies, for parties, playing games and social events in your home or office. Let the machine do the work and let your guests enjoy the nostalgic feeling of old time vendors from a simpler time. Today's technology housed in the body of an antique, reminiscent of the late 1800's to early 1900's vendor carts with a convient storage cabinet for all the seasonings and popcorn supplies you'll use. This is a full size popcorn popper, yet it will fit nicely in your office, den, dorm room and more and is approved for commercial use. This full sized popcorn popper is great for your home theater!

Enhance youre Home Theatre With real cinema marquee's. Change movie posters as many times as you wish, surprise youre guest each and every time with the feature films that will be playing or coming soon. This marquee will bring out the realism and set the mood for any Home Theatre.  

Dont break youre head, leave the installation to us. Just lay back and enjoy the show!  

For more info call Model Home Furniture at  (866) 823-0179

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